About Boé


Boé St. Clueless is a fragmentary selection of the life moments and thoughts of Nyaboé Makiya. That’s me in the picture. I am a digital diarist (like everyone on the internet) and this is my little e-journal.

Along the way I’ll talk about things that interest and/or matter to me, including but not limited to; being-a-sentient-bipedal-carbon-based-creature-on-this-small-blue-globe-in-an-obscure-part-of-the-universe, books, beauty, beats, business and other bits and bobs.

I must add that I am not an expert of any kind on said subjects, just an eager learner looking to fill myself with as much nourishing material as possible, all while increasing my currently-limited range.

I also have to confess that I find stopping life to record it quite difficult, but I will try my hardest to share videos honestly and consistently.

I’m on IG by the way. And I have a blog particularly about music because I care that much, so if you care too, jibambe.

Thank you for reading/watching/listening.

No, really. Thanks.