May Reading list

Issa booktube time. These are my May reads. What are you reading?

Play this: Birthdays: those arbitrary markers of the passage of time that help us look inward and ask a bunch of whys(?) I didn’t ask any why when I celebrated my 29th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I just celebrated. I celebrated the fact that I am alive, sentient and have the ability to…

Nujabes and Dilla: A Celebration

Anyone who knows me knows the immense respect I have for the work of departed hip-hop greats J Dilla and Nujabes. They created such incredible music while they were with us and their influence reverberates in the best of today’s hip-hop. They also happened to share a birthday. I’m gonna talk a little bit about…

Quick Stock Take #1

Aye! A girl survived that Aries full moon. When I tell you life went left in the last week! …But anyway, I’m here, with a cop-out, stock taking post. Lol. Seriously though, I decided to do one of these for perspective sake and also to shikilia the blog as life settles again. Normal transmission will…

Of Bookish matters!

Back with another video, friends. This time, I do the booktube newbie tag, tell you all about my reading plans for October and ramble like only I do. If you are a reader with recommendations, go off in the comment section. Thanks for watching. B.

Boé joins the YouTubes!

We iz live! Check out  my welcome video below: More is coming very soon. Like today. Stay close. B.